Policies & Disclosures


Brass, copper and other metals may tarnish or change in color over time.  This is a normal oxidation process caused by the metal’s reaction with oxygen and other environmental factors, which can add to the unique character of jewelry.

At Brass-Tattoo when we work in brass we normally use high quality jeweler’s brass in our work, which is similar in color to yellow gold , and is an alloy of 85% copper and 15% zinc.

Even high-quality copper and brass (as well as occasionally silver and gold) can discolor the skin green due to the reaction of the metal with the normal acids on your skin or even as a reaction to products used on the skin. Rings and bracelets in particular may be a problem due to the constant direct contact with the skin.  (This discoloration to the skin is not harmful in any way, in fact copper and copper alloys such as brass are known to have antimicrobial qualities.) To help prevent skin from turning green, we sometimes treat our jewelry with either a metal lacquer or wax to help prevent this oxidation from occurring, although over time these surfaces may wear away.  If this occurs, we would be happy to recommend products, or you may even use clear nail polish to touchup the inside of a ring or bracelet (although we do not recommend nail polish on exterior, visible surfaces).


We have given due diligence to offering products that are safe and of good quality. You acknowledge by using our products, that you have deemed these products acceptable for your use. Products, including third party products, sold here are not guaranteed beyond the purchase price. If you are not satisfied with any of our products, the full purchase price (minus shipping) will be refunded upon return of the product for up to 15 days from purchase. This does not apply to custom products, as all of our custom work is non-refundable.  (If you have any problems with our products beyond this time frame, we would still appreciate hearing from you.)


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