A Bit About Us





VISION Our vision at Brass-Tattoo is to leave an indelible mark on the world by making it a more beautiful place. Fire and alchemy infuse our artisan creations; crafted using ancient and modern techniques, and made with prime materials sourced from around the world.

Each Brass-Tattoo is a unique handmade item, and through our various lines we strive to make Brass-Tattoos accessible to all.

…because everyone needs a tattoo.

MISSION At Brass-Tattoo we wage artistic rebellion against injustice by standing with the disenfranchised of society through partnerships with various non-profits.

We want to change the world one Brass-Tattoo at a time.


We work in brass, copper, and silver using various techniques including: repoussé and chasing, etching, and hammered work.

We also do work with semiprecious stones, precious stones, fossils, and ancient glass.


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